Wednesday, January 15, 2003

The most naked I've ever seen Oprah Winfrey! Really good interview on South African eTV (3rd Degree - with Deborah Patta)

last night where she poured her heart out regarding her gift project in South Africa over the Christmas period. She, probably for the first time, came across as being sincere - I even noticed some (could I say nervous?) body language signs - scratching her head etc. Great girl - humble soul who has done bloody well for herself and is managing to use her wealth for decent philantrophy. I must say that the publicity in SA regarding her visit has been low profile and almost ignored - which is frankly how well meaning philantrophists should act. One caveat though, I see that she hasn't left her commercial sense in the 'States and that the "exclusive interview" on South African TV, filmed, edited and produced by South African TV was licenced to, wait for it, Harpo Productions.

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