Monday, February 06, 2006

JHB Observations - Taxis, Cars, Bad spelling

It is a great place to live. Millions can't be that wrong. Having just moved up to Johannesburg after 8 years in Cape Town I am still questioning the sanity of the decision. The weather's great here and I've been very impressed by the skilful drivers that regularly have the ability to overtake me in the emergency lane with 20 plus people crammed in their vehicles. I have received shocked response on suggesting that these drivers drive really well, but if your role in life is to get as many passengers from A to B in the quickest time then these guys perform their job really well. And the rest of the folk do drive really nice cars - I do have the feeling though that most of them still belong to the bank. But the place is fraught with bad spelling. Everywhere I look: billboards, signboards, supermarket sale notices, I come across awful spelling. I am tempted to start a separate blog to note daily spelling faux pas.The big problem that arises when challenging spelling and grammar is that one has to beyond reproach oneself.

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