Monday, November 27, 2006

Why do you wave the Orange White & Blue?

Well, we won the rugby and that perhaps saved Jake White's bacon for a few months. But the entire occasion was spoiled by the immature behaviour of a number of South African so called supporters who decided it was cool to wave the oranje, blanje, blou. The sad thing about these individuals is that they were not beer-bellied and moustached. They were in their early twenties, born just a few years before Mandela's release. I both cringe and weep for their ignorance.

Follow up: article here.

“We are proud South Africans and we no longer live in the new South Africa,” said Johannes Wolfaardt (21).Asked how they reconcile their view with the fact that if it were not for the new South Africa the Springboks would not be playing at Twickenham, Wolfaardt looked a bit surprised. “What you’re saying is not what my dad says. And what he says, is true.” Well I hope you stay there.

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Third World Ant said...

I hear you - I feel especially embarrassed when I'm overseas crowded into a pub watching a big rugby game, and the national anthems come up. The Saffas are virtually silent through the first verses of Nkosi Sikhelel' iAfrika, then burst into chorus when 'Uit die blou...' starts