Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why I stay

On being pushed why I stay, and why I want to stay. I finally figured it out. I'm a gambler through and through.
I could see this sky from many safer places but I think I'd just detest the people around me if I wasn't here.
I just hope the dice roll well.
"Goudstad stoutgat/Ek moet net aan jou boud vat/Vergeet nou maar jou, wat/Vir jou het ek ietsie spesiaal
Kaalgat in Kaapstad/Kan ek maar by jou slaap, skat/My reënjas is al papnat/Vir jou het ek ietsie spesiaal
Chorus:Dis ‘n kwessie van tyd/Sê die missies vir die meid/Dis die bloed in die pan/Dis die blos op die wang/Dis die vloek van die slang/Dis die moeilikheid met die man
Voodoo in Windhoek/Ek wens ek kon jou blinddoek/Jou boyfriend kan ons inboek/Vir jou het ek ietsie spesiaal" - Valiant Swart (Boland Punk)



VallyP said...

So, Wit, even though I've been away myself, I'm not too far behind on your blog. Seems it's still a place you're just dipping into now and then and leaving a few points to ponder. That sky would be hard to find here in Europe - maybe in the more remote parts of France and Spain perhaps, but not here in this heaving metropolitan area. Makes me ask myself why I stay here!

A student of mine said recently that we choose our risks in life, and what sometimes seems crazy to another person can be the only way that you yourself are comfortable with. Keep smiling and send me a few stars too. I miss them.

Champagne Heathen said...

You get THAT sky in PE?? Have we been talking about the same PE for the last few months here, or did you recently move?

ATW said...

Ok champs - I think that pic was taken in Kenya - but the Southern Cross was what I was after..

Actually the sky here is not far off.