Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rick Astley

I don't know why this bugged me (and I am too scared to ponder on why any further), but more than once in the last while I have caught myself wondering whatever happened to Rick Astley. Fair enough he was pure bubblegum pop from the Stock-Aitken-Waterman stable but he had a decent voice and cross generation apppeal. I thought he would have at least survived, or attempted to resurrect his career at some point.

So eventually I just had to find out. It seems that he didn't really vanish at all. He had a sell-out tour of the UK in 2004, has had reasonable success in the States and last released an album earlier this year (currently ranked #526,554 in Music on Amazon). So now we know. Not that I'm rushing out for the Greatest Hits CD or anything.


Third World Ant said...

A) Nice new layout. More media-site appeal. If only I had the coding prowess to attempt such alterations to my site!

B) Rick Astley. Hmmmm. His career was... quaint (I'm battling for a suitable descriptor), perhaps that's why people go see him - kind of like Peter Andre, only marginally better?

ATW said...

A) Thanks. Blogger beta does it all for you. Too much mission to fix the old post font size though. Not sure about the mainheader/colour font though. Will wait for bored Friday pm to fiddle again.

B) Don't ask, I don't want to think about why this bugged me.

Jon 'Jane's Getting Serious' Astley. I can understand.
Rick 'Together Forever' Astley! I shudder.

ATW said...

This comment is just to see if the recent comments thing on my sidebar actually works.

Jeff Day said...

This is Jeff from, I just updated the Recent Comments tool to support the date format you are using (DD Monthname, YYYY hh:mm). So if you wish to re-enable dates in the sidebar at a future time they should be accurate.