Monday, September 04, 2006

Single Thesis Sites

Single thesis sites that bug me more than crime at the moment. (in no particular order)

The list probably goes on but I was getting ill on an overdose of false propositional logic so I stopped searching.

Neil Watson in particular uses arguments that invariably go like this. "If you don't support what I'm doing (ie by attending my protests, boycotting Pick & Pay etc) then you are supporter of crime." This is a logically flawed argument.

Why flawed you ask. OK Logic 101 here I go.

Assume the left hand circle is circle "A" and the right hand circle is circle "B".

A represents all possible worlds/situations/state of affairs where A is true.
B represents all possible worlds/situations/state of affairs where B is true.

Assume that two statements are in question. They are either True (White Space) or False (Blacked out).

A = Raymond Ackerman supports Neil Watson.
B = Raymond Ackerman supports crime.

Watson's argument is that if A is false then B is true. He presents this as the only option. But as in any logical argument there are 16 options available.

It is possible that a state of affairs exists where both A & B are false (ie. Not A and Not B).

This state of affairs is neither contradictory nor tautolgous. Simply put "IF A is TRUE" does not imply that "B is TRUE". B may be true but on the facts given one cannot argue that as Watson has.

And thumbs down to Terry Leonard of Associated Press in Johanessburg for managing to rehash enough braai talk and sensationalise this article enough to get it syndicated to all manner of publications.

And kudos to , particularly for hijacking the URL for and redirecting traffic to their site.

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