Thursday, December 21, 2006


“Where have you been?” you might quite rightly ask. Well the answer is: “Not too far away and mighty busy”. I have missed the blogging world but an opsimath of note I sure have been with all manner of reality being thrust at me and with me being on a ascent of learning that I can barely believe. But, I’m loving it. What a fantastic thing – this human condition that realises that there is no such thing as human nature. We choose, we learn, we do what we believe is best & we live with the consequences.

If you believe there is such a thing as human nature then that human nature must apply to you as an individual – which means that your own nature becomes self-fulfilling. A belief that “I have a shy nature” or “I am doomed to be involved in abusive relationships” will become your reality. Face each day afresh and you can do anything. Try reading this book for a pop psychology approach to this way of thinking. Wayne Dyer's - Your Erroneous Zones.

And then we learn some more and what a wonderful life it is when we find out that we can handle almost anything life throws at us.

As, finally I arrive at the week that my family and I will all be in the same town and my leisure time moves out of the airport waiting lounge I wish you all a fantastic festive season. Take care on the roads. Have fun. I’ll be back in the new year – hopefully a little more regularly than the last 7 weeks or so.

Warm love and wishes upon you all. ATW

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VallyP said...

Thank you kindly for the good wishes and warmth, and once again for giving us something new to I an opsimath? Well, yes , I think I am too...;-)

Looking forward to catching up with you properly in the New Year, as I have also been "off-blog" quite a bit recently.