Thursday, December 21, 2006

Someone's stolen my beer

12% of every damned bottle I consume this holiday has been stolen!

This is old news but I don’t think that it received the airplay that it should have at the time.

In recent years South African beer has always been served in the following containers.

340ml can
340ml non-returnable bottle (“handi” – previously “dumpy”)
375ml returnable bottle (“pint”)
750ml returnable bottle (“quart”).

Now – in August 2006 there was a subtle change to this. The “pint” bottle is now 330ml. 88% of original size.

SAB released this bizarre media release at the time.

SAB Communications Manager Michael Farr said: “Consumer research showed us clearly that there was demand for a more individual drinking experience at an attractive price. The 330ml single serve returnable provides our core consumer base with the opportunity to exercise individual choice with a single serving at a very competitive price. At between R4.00 and R4.30 versus R5.00 for the non-returnable 340ml serving, it is an attractive value proposition.”

Along with further inanities about this being in response to international trends that would also reduce littering!

What PR twaddle. Someone should hang for this.

I have some questions.

  1. Consumer research? Nobody asked me!
  2. Since when does reducing the size of my drink give me a “more individual drinking experience”?
  3. What are these guys smoking?
  4. What do these guys think I’m smoking if they think I’ll believe this rubbish?
  5. Why should we have to follow international trends that make my beer smaller? Just because the Americans can't handle a decent handful of beer why should I suffer?

And now for those of out there who have just lost 12% of their beer with every order, which one of you has seen a reduction in price at their local pub?

I wish I could boycott the products in question in protest but that would be really silly wouldn’t it.

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Third World Ant said...

"I wish I could boycott the products in question in protest but that would be really silly wouldn’t it."

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't, eh?

I learnt something the other day about Castle that I never knew: about 2 years ago (before my Castle draught drinking days), a new brand manager took over the Castle brand, and proceeded to change the beer's formula (I don't know the reasons why). As a result, the market share has significantly (or so I'm told) reduced. The brand manager no longer works for SAB, but I don't know they've been able to repair the damage that was done.

And, on another note: Merry Christmas! May you drink as much beer as you can lay your hands on (in whatever sized can it arrives in) and no beer boep effects creep in!