Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hangman's Blood

I recently reread Anthony Burgess's two part biographies "Big God and Little Wilson" and "You've Had Your Time". 

This midlife rereading from a different life-stage (which by the way is the best stage I've ever been at - but that's for another post entirely) offered a markedly different perspective from the my first readings of these as an undergrad. It's prompted me to haul out and start rereading the poets of my formative years too , Holan, Cummings, Pitt-Kethley, and the whole of Children of Albion. The Holan book I'd self inscribed "Happy 24th Birthday - God, you're getting old!"

But I digress.. what I really wanted to mention was this drink recipe for Hangman's Blood which Burgess describes as follows.
‘Into a pint glass doubles of the following are poured: gin, whisky, rum, port, and brandy. A small bottle of stout is added, and the whole topped up with champagne or champagne surrogate. It tastes very smooth, induces a somehow metaphysical elation, and rarely leaves a hangover … I recommend this for a quick, though expensive, lift.’

It's nearly noon on a Tuesday and it's all I wanna do. 

This is worth a read...Great Authors on Drink.

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