Monday, September 08, 2014

Fruit Part II

So happens again...and again I am thinking ..A man is not a piece of fruit !

This time though - I am in a good space. My terms. My plans. My middle age!

Forever brave - these decisions to uproot and move on. So many reasons but not one that stands out alone - just the weight of the feathers (thanks Gerrie Nel) as the little things pile up one at a time. This time it involves a decision to "reroot" - back to the territory* I grew up. Not naive enough to believe it remains anything like that place that rests nostalgically in memory from 20 years ago - but dum spiro spero?

* - well close by - but not quite - the real territory remains the farm I grew up on that has lain fallow and unproductive since 1983. A result of PW's last throes of social engineering - so innocently termed as " homeland consolidation".

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