Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dilemmas dilemmas that rage in my head

What should one do?
Option 1 : STATUS QUO: Jo'burg, the monthly cheque (aka golden handcuffs), barrage of email, corporate cr#p, suit and tie.
Option 2 : CHANGE OF NOTE: Small town by the sea, monster huge MF debt, my business, no beer money for a while, at the mercy of an uncertain economy, labour unions, customers, huge potential, dreams, too close to family, huge risk.
Option 3 : MOUNTAIN: Cape Town, the smaller monthly cheque (aka golden handcuffs) and dead end career, barrage of email, corporate cr#p, suit and tie.

Each has the potential of happening in the next few months. The crux of the dilemma is really about defining who I am? Watch this space, while I decide.


Third World Ant said...

argh! Just wrote a long comment that disappeared into thin air!

To sum up: Making these kind of stressful decisions is the reason Peas (and many others) wish they were 5 again.

I'd be sad you'd leave Jozi behind after such little time to explore, but the upside of waking up to a roaring sea each morning, not having to wear a tie, and potentially earning far more money than ever presented by the golden handcuffs, will make it really worthwhile.

If I may ask, why is #3 an option? Is this decision a result of your unfortunate experience at Joubert Park the other daY?

ATW said...

Don't you hate it when comments disappear. Blogger is awful like that. I always (usually) select and copy the text with a "ctrl-c" prior to pushing the publish button and the I can paste and resend if needed.

Why #3? No hard feelings re: Jhb at all, I just miss parts of CT every now & then & I heard of an opportunity that may have some good long term potential. I'm pretty much over the Joubert Park thing, chalked up to experience and have moved on. CT is just as bad if you're in the wrong place at wrong time.
There's probably also a #4 and #5 that I haven't factored in yet.
As I said watch this space. Going to visit the roaring sea this weekend to suss things out.

VallyP said...

Good luck with the decision's always a step into the unknown isn't it? Shame that crystal balls aren't available online yet. What about combining #2 and #3?? Sounds still more appealing if you like CT so much.

If I came back, I'd still choose Jozi. Something to be said for the 'devil you know', and I like the people there. For you, it's more know all the devils!