Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm confused

I am not going to comment (much) on another pedestrian, unmotivated, lack-of-urgency, disappointing rugby match versus France this weekend (SA 26 - France 36) but I am confused.

The excuse provided by Jake White this time is reported here as being a "lack of experience", and yet IOL reports that "New Young Faces are Expected in the Bok Squad" heralding the imminent arrival of in the squad of some of the returning U21 baby Bok team members.

So the solution to remedy the lack of experience available is to recruit a gang of talented 19 year olds! As I said, I remain confused.

A far better option dear Mr White would be to behave like Captain John Smit by accepting responsibilty and and not offering any excuses at all.

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mike said...

That rugby match made me sad and confused