Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A busy week

A crazy week (and another 4 weeks after that) of training at work, convening and presenting not just sitting at the back and pulling faces. It has to be one of the most energy sapping of activities that I can think of. That said, expect little comment from me in the week to come. I'm focussing on getting to Friday, the long weekend, and the Sharks nailing the Cats at Ellis Park this weekend. If only the SA teams wouldn't kick so much ball away. I was most interested to read that the current Sharks flyhalf import and onetime All Black regards his scrumhalf partner, one Ruan Pienaar, as being better than Joost van der Westhuizen. Not too shabby, but that's quite a pedestal to be put on.


Third World Ant said...

Ok mister. Not going to comment on the subject of this post - to clarify by example, I was invited to last weekend's game, but ended up going to the Bridal Expo (possibly the most opposite thing you can do to playing/watching rugga). Instead, I'll tell you that damn curiosity will kill this cat! Googled your name, and you're one of the following:

- an MBA programme director at the Uni of Wisconsin (unlikely, you live in Joburg)
- an entrepreneur who in a recent year won the Proudly SA'n Exporter of the Year (unlikely, you say you wokr in a suit, I doubt most entrepreneurs do)
- some other guy by your name whose details I cannot find. (unGoogleable, almost akin to non-existant).

My bet is #3...

ATW said...

Ant. Of course it's #3, my fifteen minutes still eludes me but I'm disappointed you didn't at least consider the son of author Maya Angelou in your reckoning.

Third World Ant said...

Well, I figured you as a 100% S'African, so that automatically eliminated Maya's son.

So, has Google ever found you? Do you in fact exist?

ATW said...

77,100 hits for it. I haven't searched them all but have concluded that I probably don't exist. I have no idea who's writing this blog?