Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weird Origins

I guess quite a few people use the random "NEXT BLOG"
search function at the top of the blogger page as a
reasonable portion of visitors arrive from odd destinations
that are clearly unconnected through logic. (Not even
degrees of Kevin Bacon). Many sites are foreign and
completely greek to me. However, someone visited my site
from a rather exotic source site last night.
I hope it was a random browsing connection! Go have a look. Sadly
Phoenix, Arizona is a bit far to travel to go and get any
of it.


sn said...

Or perhaps the person went searching through blog profiles using some dodgy keywords and found The Naked and the Dead–Norman Mailer and Great Expectations - Charles Dickens as well as your gender and then skipped down to see which blogs you author. ;-)

ATW said...

commodius vicus of recirculation? see my later post.