Tuesday, July 11, 2006

About remaining a philosopher

"Ah no, my good friends,once a philosopher, twice a pervert." - Voltaire

Anyone who knows the purported context that prompted Voltaire's renowned reply above might have an indication of a view of Jozi that I saw last night. Interesting to say the least.


Third World Ant said...

"Interesting to say the least."

Which is exactly what you have done - two and a half lines on a story involving an orgy! Coy, to say the least.

Totally unrelated:
While hunting down the context of the quotation, I found a book review in which the line is mentioned.

The reviewer also drew out this line: ''the true use of speech is not so much to express our wants as to conceal them,'' as Oliver Goldsmith observed way back in 1759.

Ironically true.

ATW said...

Coy was entirely the point , but must admit that I no more than a curious observer. No more to say. But liked the idea that you represent that words conceal rather than reveal.

Third World Ant said...

How infuriating of you! But then, I wasn't expecting you to reveal much more.

Unlike Voltaire, then, you have not been a philosopher (tried it once, declined on the second occasion), but more of an observer. (probably a wise decision in this day and age of STDs). Also, philosophers would expand on the experiences they witnessed/partook of at great length (am I trying too hard to get more out of you?!)

ATW said...

Not a chance. Will reserve this for my memoirs...