Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Unexpected Driving?

Good rugby article by Zeena Isaacs in today's Business Day.

I'm intrigued by this though: “Our game will be very predictable if we drive all the time,” said [forward caoch Gert] Smal. “In international rugby variety is essential. Our plan now is to use it (driving) when the opposition does not expect it.”

At just what point in a rugby match does the opposition not anticipate that you might drive the ball up? The only time I can think would be to recklessly drive the ball up when defending the tryline. If that is to be the case then the opposition who read Smal's quote will now expect this, and so the occasion that the opposition does not expect the boks to drive will now be expected? So..I'm confused despite, or perhaps because of, my Logic 101 classes.

Good article nevertheless, and I'm not writing off the 'boks just yet. Perhaps I am last one with any remaining hope?


Third World Ant said...

I used to work with Zeena back in my journalism days, and she's a total card! Totally unlike any other girl you've ever met - one of her recent boyfriends dumped her with the reason "You care more about rugby than you do about me". Honest!

ATW said...

Sounds like a great gal, and she certainly has an eye/ear (what do journo's have?) for a good story and how to put it into perspective.
Somehow Business Day has been very good at getting the best rugby writers on their back page. There has been so much rubbish editorialising and opiniated rugby reporting of late - especially from the Western Cape..Luke Watson this, Luke Watson that when I read solid reporting like Zeena writes its most refreshing.

Anonymous said...

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