Thursday, July 13, 2006

Horror Scopes

One of my habits that I can't reconcile with reality or logic is that I check out my horoscope from time to time, particularly when I'm experiencing periodic bouts of self-doubt. I can find no justification or grounding for this practice as I am normally very sceptical of the esoteric. Daily newspaper comments are trivial but the the two sites that appeal most are astrocenter and Rick Levine.
I am clearly less sceptical about this than I ought to be but no idea why.


Third World Ant said...

...because it's easier to believe that the outcome is in the hands of fate than in your own hands?

That there's comfort in the thought that millions of other xxx (what star sign are you, by the by? I'm a definite Virgo) are destined to similar fates for similar issues?

I also check the horoscopes from time to time, but more when they're at hand in Elle than when I feel I need the esoteric help. I have, however, been to a psychic and an aura reader. The difficulty is trying not to put too much faith in what they have to say, isn't it?

ATW said...

Agreed, one also tends to believe or hear what one wants to hear. If it seems odd or neagtive it's easy to dismiss. If it's positive it's an affirmation and possibly even self-fulfilling prophecy.