Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Snuki's listing ship

I had been wanting to comment on the ominous developments in the SABC news room. Having first posted on this topic in June this year when I voiced my suspicion that Zikalala was the motivating force in this debacle. Fortunately Inyoka has done it for me and has linked to most of the relevant comments.

UPDATE: The question I had meant to pose above is: Will Zikalala survive this? I think he well might.

Further: Thami Mazwai responds to Anton Harber is this Business Day article. He does make an interesting (and very postmodern) point though.

"I take issue with Harber’s opportunistic intervention based on his one-sided view of history and life. His real gripe is that our portrayal of a diversity of opinion is not compatible to his notion of diversity. Were we to load our platforms with the Freedom of Expression Institute and their satellite structures, and the usual potpourri of loudmouths in Cape Town, Grahamstown and Johannesburg who have arrogated themselves over us as custodians of liberal principles and values, he would be chortling with delight."

Essentially he is saying that we all have diverse opinions about what diversity of opinion is. I can't argue with that.

Who owns the "liberal principles" and are they in fact all that desirable?

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