Monday, October 02, 2006

Big Decisions

A little while ago I hinted at an upcoming big decision. Well, ironically none of those 3 options materialised. But another one did land in my lap. On Friday I received a brief note inviting me to be financial director of a troubled and relatively small subsidiary of an enormous SA company. I'll take that thank you very much. But that means, bye-bye Jozi. Hello Port Elizabeth. (which is why it was such a big decision).

So, if I'm a little quiet over the next week or so, bear with me.


Dave said...

Congratulations, regardless of whether you decide to take it!

Third World Ant said...

Wow! FD? That sounds like an important job, and one that might leave little time for blogging :)

(If you ever need a kick-ass consultancy to help out your company, you know who to ask!)

Congrats, Wit. A fabulous reinforcement of your capabilities. Are you leaving your current job because you dislike what you do?

VallyP said...

Just popped in and saw your post. Wow, wit, that's a big move and a big challenge (I thought you'd just moved house as well?). Many congratulations though. I'm not blogging at the moment due to pressure of work, and of the choice between blogging and writing when i do have free time, I plump for the latter, but will keep an eye out on what you are up to. Good luck, and when do you expect to make the move?

ATW said...

Thanks Dave. (I'm on my way from 1 Nov).

Ant & Val. Have little doubt that my blog time may be severely hampered. This seems to be a real fixer-upper that I've just landed. A bigger challenge than the house I just bought & that I have no idea what to do with - anyone want to rent or buy the place! - Frikkin' Murphy's law - find a house I like then land a job 1000km away!

Probably not leaving because I dislike what I do. It's just time & to be frank it made me a little ill whenever I contemplated still being in my current job in say 5 years time.

Champagne Heathen said...

Congrats!! And I hope you surf. If not, it'll be time to pick it up in that neck of the laidback woods!

ATW said...

Thanks Champs.

Surfing..mmm.. not something my KZN Midlands education helped me with.

But my recent encounters with Stephen Fry made me a aware that there is an apt word for what we all should be:

He was alluding to it applying to my attempts to become a poet. (I'm still stuck on iambic pentameters, must get back to that).

Anyway the word is "opsimath" : n. mature student, late learner, a person who begins learning late in life.

And since I've never stopped wanting to learn stuff as I get older I have no choice but to call myself an opsimath.

So will add to list:
1. New house
2. Surfboard
3. ?

Third World Ant said...

? = new neighbours, poetry not in the form of iambic pentameters, perhaps a third child (?), huge new job challenge.

I'm sure you'll dream up something appropriate :)

Madhu said...

Hey, congratulations! Sounds like you're moving in the right direction, both physically and otherwise! All the best with the move and the house, etc. Sure the family approve of the move too!