Monday, May 28, 2007


My friends at SA Breweries have an interesting section of their website where they try and debunk various myths and and rumours about their beer. Mainly this concerns claims that their brew is pumped full of chemicals. Sadly the attempts at debunking can be more accurately described as straight denial coupled with the usual SAB doublespeak, "We use an internationally accepted brewing process ".

And claims : "It takes over seven weeks to go from barley to Castle! "

And then here that : "The brewing process is an entirely natural process which takes between 18 and 25 days."

I know, I know. I too sometimes feel like I miss out on a few days after a good bender, but a whole month!

I still love the stuff though.

They do raise an interesting point about the much vaunted Reinheitsgebot, that: "The law said that beer should be made exclusively from malt, hops, and water. This law was introduced as a means of collecting more taxes from people - beer was being made from odd ingredients that were not as highly taxable as was malt and hops."

So the taxman not only influences how much I currently pay per pint he even influenced the ingredients generations ago.

I guess it's just best to play it by beer.


VallyP said...

haha, we musn't wine about it, must we?

ATW said...

100% val,

when the wine is gone and money spent, the small beer is quite excellent.