Monday, May 21, 2007

I want this job

I want this job. Just where do they find these people? SAB copywriters I mean. They should know better than to navigate to their wordprocessors via the brewery cellars.

Another gem in the blurb announcing the arrival of Hansa Marzen Gold.

"The announcement of the new brand is well timed; as it is named after the German word for March, indicating the beginning of spring in Europe. Brewers in 12th century Germany were the first to devise ways of allowing their beer to mature through the hot summer months by brewing in March and storing their beer in alpine caves until September."

What on earth does this have to do with anything about drinking a beer with a manudactured brand name, brewed, marketed and consumed in 21st century South Africa? These guys should just learn to shut up and let the beer+ talk for itself. If only they would hurry this on to the shelves (in sleepy PE) so that I can give my honest opinion of the stuff.

+ I quote SAB: "Hansa Marzen Gold is neither a pilsner nor a regular lager, but a ‘marzen-style’ German beer" . So beer it is.


Third World Ant said...

you amateur! it takes a real connoisseur to spot the sublt differences between a 'marzen-style' beer and a 'Juni-style' one. i'm interested to see how many people will switch back to Amstel when they start importing - I heard rumours that it was next month?

ATW said...

I rather like the "apriline style" from the latin Latin aperire, "to open," which is how I prefer the beer in front of me to be.