Monday, May 21, 2007

Flat Stanley Rocks

Took a quick & dirty weekend trip to Cape Town to see these guys launch their second album, "Between 2wo Worlds".

time and space collide in this moment held inside / configure and confide that you can run but cannot hide / one breath beyond compare may someday get you there / centuries gone by, generations fly / enlightened and enslaved of your ancestral alibi / but no wisdom comes at cost or have you forgottend what your father's fathers lost / if you want to come out alive / close your eyes, freedive.

Some brief clips on Zoopy will give the flavour, but take my word that these guys are amongst the best acoustic rockers this country has produced. I'm not saying that their music is groundbreaking, there is a level of it being derivative, kind of heard somewhere before, but we all absorb our influences don't we? It grows on one.

Of course, lead singer Andy Mac has a huge stage presence, literally pavarottine as well as figuratively. But he has the vocal strength and professionalism to match.

Missed out on what I gather was a monster afterparty as I had to dash soon after the gig to capitalise on an indulgent hotel room that cost about R10 a minute, but that in itself was also well worth it. Great breakfasts too.


VallyP said...

Tried to watch the clips but the sound is too distorted to get a real feel for their music. The only one I could hear was the Snow Patrol cover, but then I know that one anyway. I'll try and get to listen some other way as acoustic rock is really my thing.

ATW said...

Val, there are some audio segments on their myspace page & their own website. (links are in my post).

They're a really great band.