Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cricket Sham Cup 2007

I still cannot believe how annoyed I am at the entire shambolic farce that masqueraded as a showcase for all that I enjoy about cricket. Enough said. Thank heavens it's over.

I am fast being won over by a view that all such outmoded international sports councils (ICC, IRB, FIFA etc) should be abolished and replaced by more "corporate" entities. If it's going to be a professional sport - run it like a corporation - at least then one can fire the CEO rather than have him find a lackey scapegoat now and then.

Keo has a suggestion for rugby : "Go the rebel route".


The Tart said...

Check out the basketball world in Texas ... Go Mavericks!!!

The Tart
; *

ATW said...

Hey tart,

not sure if you meant that professional administrators in basketball are any better or worse than those inept old school administrators we have in the old british colonial sports. Whatever the case - there is no underestimating the impact of sports teams on our national psyche.

VallyP said...

I had to chuckle about your post Wit...this is much how I feel about all such bodies, sports or otherwise...and the feeling is growing daily! They are mostly made up of people posturing and finding fault, laying blame and otherwise doing everything to confuse and distract...

BTW was wondering if you'd received my mail....