Monday, May 21, 2007

Feet in mouths

Old rugby administrators never die, are never fired, they just live on with their feet in their mouths. (Robbie v Hoskins). Robbie by TKO in the 8th round.

Some time in August last year alwaysthewit wrote:

"Hey and what-ho no Watson. I am glad. Never fear, he will play in the World Cup but he is not the panacea for the teams current difficulties right now. If he were to be selected now he will be set up to fail. "

Well, now Luke Watson truly has been set up to fail. I still think that they should pick him at full-back though. Much less likey to kick the ball away in the dying moments of the game than James or Steyn. Oh woe, how they did ruin a wonderful spectactle by some loose thinking at the end. Wish they had put their feet in the mouths rather than on the ball.

Second in the super 14 ain't so bad, but oh so close to the top.

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