Monday, August 07, 2006

Luke Watson for fullback

It's maverick, yes but desperate times call for desperate measures and with the continuing Cape press on the Luke Watson agenda. and considering Monty's poor form of late perhaps Jake should pick Watson at fullback? Solly Tyibilika is playing a good game at present and let's be frank, the team needs every flashy black player it can get at present. Watson might well make a great fullback and is unlikely to be as tempted to kick away possession.

But, pray tell me, what on earth could this so-called agenda against Luke Watson be. I cannot come up with one idea that fits comfortably with my idea of who Jake White is that aligns itself with any sinister motive. And as for him being held responsible by the selectors for the past actions of his father, come on!

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VallyP said...

Afraid I'm not qualified to comment on this but just to mention that there's a Gork tribute in picture form on my AW blog. You might be tickled...;-)