Monday, March 13, 2006

The Aussies are done...(except in Canberra)

I guess there is not too much more to say on yesterday's cricket match. The pundits are already claiming this to the "greatest match in history". I have no doubt that this hype will fade over time. Nevertheless it was a remarkable game. Frustratingly I was reduced to listening to awful commentary from Hilton Ackerman on Radio2000. His commentary was arrogant and overly optimistic and for most of the last 2 overs I had no idea what the score was. His confidence was such that SA were going to win because Makhaya Ntini went to the same school as he did. Come on! Ian Bishop (as the co-commentator) did his best to restore some sanity and reporting ability to the commentary box but was not too successful. I really wish we could be blessed with some of the quality UK commentators. But South Africa can honestly claim to have lost the tag of 'chokers' for some time and Herschelle Gibbs chirp after the match in thanking the Wanderers crowd and hoping that the go to work on Monday with a "moerse babelaas" was priceless. Roll on the test series. I am still concerned about our lack of quality bowling though and I fear that this may well show up in the tests. Lost in the hype of yesterday's cricket match is the choke of weekend where the Sharks rugby side were well ahead in their away game against the Brumbies only to lose 35-30. It seems that man who turned the match for the Brumbies was none other than Kiwi referee Paul Honiss. Deon Carstens (Sharks prop) was yellow carded and sent off for ...wait for it....being offside in the backline. Fair enough there was a bit of context and build up to the sending off, but I am weary of referees who, out of frustration at their inability to properly control the game, decide that sending someone off will solve this. All this does is randomly penalise one side and ruins the game as a spectacle. Bloody schoolmasters. On a positive note, and despite the lowly position they have on the log, the Sharks are actually showing enormous spirit and skill this season. The crop of youngsters are giving their all and are being well led by AJ Venter and the older guys. Perhaps a good home leg can redeem the season for them.

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