Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not really possible to be anonymous out here

Peas, formerly of the Peas on Toast blog has had to change her blog name because some folk that she would rather not have, or might, read it . Thanks to TWA for putting me back on track.I'm not going to change the hyperlink on my site just yet: 1) because it's rather a mission on blogger , but more importantly 2) because anyone who can google with a modicum of savvy can probably put track her down again and my humble and neglected site would just be another needle in that haystack.

But it begs the question as to just how anonymous one can be in the blogosphere.

The big problem is erasing history, particularly because google uses a cache on it's own servers to store information as it trawls the web. I mean,  in the process of trying to find out where peas had vanished to it took about 5 minutes to track down her real name (LC?). I already know from her blog roughly where she lives and shops. I think she even posted a photo on her blog a while back. It's just a bit freaky and scares the hell out me. The anonymity does help one be a little less PC when we talk of our friends, parents etc. But I think we need to be wary enough only to be honest, and not nasty. Honesty at least is defensible no matter when you are outed. And that's great virtue of peas' blog - it's got its heart on its sleeve and can't be faulted for lack of honesty or any implied nastiness. I hope that the events of the last few days don't mean that the peas blog goes offline in the future. I'd miss it.


Third World Ant said...

Hey atw, I guess that's the price of fame in the blogworld. If Peas' blog were less scintillating, no-one would know about it; by virtue of the fact it is so adored, people go looking hard. To be anonymous, one must either be completely dishonest and hide all elements of their lives and personality on their blog, or be so downright boring no-one wants to read it anyway - two things Peas could never be.

So, keep on reading - it's a rollercoaster ride!

Third World Ant said...

by the way, I see you go to great lengths to be anonymous yourself - I was paranoid after giving you Peas' new address that you were the ex in hiding (your profile was blocked, hence thought you were suspicious)...

who are you hiding from?

Peas on Toast said...

ATW - OK yay, you do in fact have a blog.
Ant and ATW, thanks for the compliments about my formidable and dubious little blog - I am honoured that people out there find it interesting. And surprised.
But as far as anonyminity is concerned, I reckon I've learnt the hard way. If you're on the net, you are going to be found.
But it's a risk I'm willing to take, as my blog is my catharsis. Without it, where would I divert all my anger and/or excitement?
Thanks guys. :)

ATW said...

hey you 2 mad corlett drivers. I'll unblock my profile. just a little wary of pasting my fingerprints all over the web for ever. Posting on the web is worse than the stuff they painted on my thumb on 1 March. While that brown mark will slowly grow out stuff on the web is more like a needle in the haystack. It might get buried deeper over time but will always be there.

Peas on Toast said...

True. And I have certainly learnt the hard way. We live and learn. But I've accepted that people will know me and find me, and the person I least wanted to find me has, so it probably can't get much worse than this.
But liking the blog, so please keep it up. :)