Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rugby Juice 3 parts per 1129 is pretty diluted...

"The International Rugby Board reports that it conducted a record 1129 anti-doping tests in 2005 with just three violations recorded." So reports,,12416-5493723,00.html . I can't believe that the number of positives is so low. But it does confirm that there is definitely some doping in the sport. I still have a serious hunch that these guys are still "juicing" up heavily in the off season and while on enforced injury breaks.Some of these guys just have bulked up too big and too quick for this to be the product of weight training and a diet of red meat alone. I'd also be curious to know just how independent the process is. Who could independently confirm that 1129 people were (randomly) tested and that only 3 tests were in fact positive? How many of those tested were near the theoretical limits and were given the benefit of the doubt? While I do admire the athletes that players have become I do hanker somewhat for the days where the scrawny could still contribute on the rugby field. But perhaps that's because I'm rather thin on the bone myself and have a thing for the nostalgic as a matter of course. It is and remains a great game. Now if only the Sharks would beat the Brumbies this weekend!

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