Thursday, March 02, 2006

More on the Rugby Old Boys Club

Keo has a go at the old boys club and outdated ways of rugby administrators in this article. Just curious whether the new boss in Oregan Hoskins will change matters much. Interesting to see the unconfirmed vote to bring him was 27-17 in favour and by no means the unaminous shoe-in that was made out in the headlines. So there are still 17 votes for the man who doesn't seem to come out to clean in last year's judicial report into mismanagement at SARU where inter alia: "It was later established that Mr Van Rooyen subsequently met in secret with certain officials to seek support for the establishment of a discretionary fund for him as President in an amount of R5 million, which he could then use for setting up office in Johannesburg". For some reason I can no longer find this report on the SARFU website.

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