Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Inbreeding in the Global Village

Clive Longbottom has an interesting article with above title on IT Director. (http://www.it-director.com/article.php?id=13190).
"We are also giving more soapboxes to those who want to stand and rant—Blogging is on the increase (at least in those who provide blog output—our research shows that blog readership is still miniscule, and is moving more towards community of interest style usage). It seems that the amount of “good” information is rapidly being hidden under the mountain of “dubious” information."

Interesting that there are more writers - less interested readers.


Third World Ant said...

Very interesting - I found this bit particularly poignant to me:
"Firstly, we have the rumour mill—the village gossip would hear something (generally second or third hand, through a set of Chinese whispers) and would embellish it and pass it on. This would be received as the truth until it could be proved otherwise by a large enough group of others in the village."

I can't tell you how many arguments I've had where I disbelieve what people state as fact on the basis of their dubious sources (I always get accused of being a typical business consultant when I do this). I've emailed the link to this article to everyone I've argued with recently!

ATW said...

It used to be that the written word had a sense of authority. Statements that began, "I read that xyz ..." could be taken with some seriousness. Now there is so much garbage out there, and I don't discount my small addition to the pile, that one just has to be plain cynical and disbelieving just to survive. PS. Thanks for the comments. My blog was beginning to remind me of the Bowie lyric that goes something like: "And my essays lying scattered on the floor fulfill their needs just be being there" which in fact they do in part.

Third World Ant said...

i find that it's harder to write exactly what i'm thinking/feeling knowing that others will read it (especially knowing in part who will it)... perhaps essays scattered on the floor fulfil their needs better by just being there?