Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Abolition of Work

Via bru&boegie who in turn got there via Dave Duarte is a reference to this article with the above title by Bob Black.

I see it's full of the postmoderns of the mid 80's, all play & Foucault else. I've printed it out and have partially digested it. It is food for thought, but I've bills to pay.

My initial cursory reading just called to mind a quote from 60's beat poet Adrian Mitchell. I have no idea why?

Stunted Sonnet
Love is like a cigarette
The bigger the drag, the more you get

I looked up Adrian Mitchell and it seems that he is still writing some great poetry. Great stuff on the Iraq war. It seems old protesters never die do they? Wonderful thing this web, to trawl through and update old memories.


VallyP said...

Well met, Guy Johnson!!! I've just seen your comment on my African Ways blog, and have to say I was bowled over and competely out to find a voice from my story speaking to me for real!

Guy, thank you so much for the kind words. I was only there for three years, and then spent another two in Richmond before moving up to Johannesburg, but those three years on Cottingham were among the happiest in my life. The people, their humour, the stupendous scenery and the novelty of Africa have stayed with me for so long that I felt I just had to write it down before I dwindled into old age and forgot all about it!

Your name rings such a strong bell, and I have to ask if Maureen and Bruce (I think) were your parents? If so, then Gwen was your Grandmother? Or am I off track here. They were our nearest neighbours, and the other way down into the valley, I remember Keroom (I think), but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the farmer who lived there, although we went there several times. In any event, you would have been very young then, so I'm sure my three years there would have been quickly forgotten.

One of my daughters still lives in SA, in Grahamstown. She also has a blog called GTownbliss.blogspot.com. I still get to go back most years, bust mostly to the Eastern cape. I have a yearning to visit Natal again.

Anwya, I'll stop here as this has nothing to do with your blog, which I shall take time to peruse now as it looks pretty interesting. A man of curiosity - I like that!

Thanks so very much for making contact, Guy.

VallyP said...

Wow, Guy, I've just been reading some of your posts, and really like the way you think about things. My special favourites were the one about the word,AWE, and the one about handshake ethics. I also found the others interesting (although I'm really only a cricket fan), and your post on soccereconomics is fascinating. I'm sure that it must contribute to the performance of the stock market here in Holland, and the cloggies are obsessed with football, and everything is more buoyant when their team wins, so why not the stock exchange?

VallyP said...

....sorry, just read my comment...some dreadful non sequiturs there, and shocking grammar....but I'm sure you'll get the message

ATW said...

thanks val, I've posted a reply on africanways. This small world always amazes me.

Thirdworldant will love this extra bit of biography!!

Third World Ant said...

Indeed I do, Guy Johnson, son of Maureen and Bruce, grandson of Gwen, driver of a 1997 Isuzu with Sharks bumper stickers, and soon-to-be resident of Paulshof!

Jodie said...

Guy Johnson.. Guy Johnson.. I have the funniest feeling I know you too. I am the daughter of VallyP that does not live in South Africa but who did enjoy rolling down the grassy hill of the cottage further up the road from Cottingham... Mum thinks I do not remember our time out there on the farm but they are actually some of the clearest memories I have of childhood...

Btw, you will find myself and my partner in the blog world too: http://burbanites.blogspot.com/

ATW said...

Hi to my new vistors from the Hague & Rotterdam.

Ant , I knew you'd love that snippet of info.

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Guy.

I suppose this makes you and I even now, eh? ;)
(I remember you writing a post about knowing where we live and my name)

So...where do you work? :)

ATW said...

Peas, you're going to have to work on that!

Peas on Toast said...

How do you know I haven't already done some investigative research?

Well I have, but let's put it this way: I know where you DON'T work. For now. ;)

PS: I'm doing this for Ant. I'm not a stalker I swear.

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