Thursday, May 11, 2006

Maybe this should apply to all Joburger's not just Afrikaners

Karen Zoid has a lot to say, and the Dylan similarities do not escape me. ie Taking old folk songs and applying them to current situations, particaularly those of turbulence and change. But we are all in this turbulence together. It applies to all of us if we want it to. As Peas commented to a previous post: where the coastal folk have sea & sand to entertain themselves, Joburgers entertain themselves with each other. Really enjoyed that. Intro ms Zoid....

Afrikaners is plesierig
Dit kan julle glo
Hulle hou van partytjie
En dan maak hulle so
En dan maak hulle so…

Babe is jy nog lief vir my
Ek gaan iemand anders kry

Luister hier jou yuppie scum
Jou preconceived millennium man
Ek maak jou kwaad want ek weet ek kan
Gee my nog ‘n vatlap government plan

En die bedelaar staan met sy uitsteek hand
En vra my vir net nog twee rand
Mense vrek oor die hele land
En die res lĂȘ op Clifton se strand

En die music is vinnig
Ek raak opgepsyche
If you don’t like it, why don’t you take a hike
Almal is anders. Se maar wat jou pla
Hou net op om vrae te vra

Chorus: Afrikaners is plesierig ….

Babe is jy nog lief vir my
Ek gaan iemand anders kry

I’d like to now excuse myself
Hul sit honde op mense
Ek gaan liewer skape tel
Op radio sonder grense

Ja jy fix my krieket en miskien my rugby
Bobby Skinstad hoe’s daai been?
Ek kyk nie Currie Cup nie
Jy’s cool, jy voel ‘n veer vir global warming

Betogers moet iets anders doen
Pamflette lees is boring
Alles is affirmative,
al is jou baas verwant

Kant sou ook geen kant kon kies
So swot maar wyl jy kan
Die bank, die bank, die bank vra te veel rente
Ek speel maar eerder pinball met my 50 sente

Ek het nie pms nie, ek’s net ‘n natural bitch



Third World Ant said...

Here's a little-known fact of my own: at Oppikoppi the year before last, I was on Kyknet! They filmed me passed out on the rusty spring base of a bed with a pint of beer in one hand. They rouse me, ask me why I'm there, I reply "To see Karen Zoid of course!", then I burst out singing the first verse of that liedjie, then they cut to her on stage singing the second verse. One of my proudest moments ever - me and Karen juxtaposed, it was like we were singing a duet!(yes, I'm one of the little people easily star-struck by a moment of limelight)

ATW said...

so cool, where's the dvd? Nothing like having your "15 minutes" of fame with a pint of beer in hand, even if it's only 15 seconds.

Third World Ant said...

amen! I've definitely still got 14 mins 45 secs coming my way :) (i sincerely hope the fact that it was screened twice doesn't eat into my fame lifespan)

i really hope my parents didn't tape over the clip, it's the only evidence i have :(

ATW said...

and if the rest of your 15 minutes fame lifespan is only used up in 15 second bursts that'd be 59 more pints of beer you'd need to have waiting in the wings.

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