Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Boogie with Betjeman

Roy Wilkinson of The Gaurdian reports: "England's DJs, however, are saluting a less familiar side of the former poet laureate. Recently, rare Betjeman vinyl LPs have been selling on auction site eBay - categorised as "funk/soul/R&B" and recommended for their "dope bass action", "exotic grooviness" and "fat, funky basslines". The time, it seems, has come to boogie with Betjeman."

I am not for one second going to suggest that I have a handle on much that makes up dope bass action, trip hop, drum 'n bass etc etc, but in a way there is something very psychedelic 70's about it. If one spins the early Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd or the likes of krautrock band
Can there are clear similarities to many current genres.

Even in design there are similarities. The album cover of Can's 1969 album Monster Movie, shown here, would fit quite comfortably in the dance section at CD Wherehouse.

Like the periodic resurgence of bell-bottom trousers, music seems to also follow some viconian resurgence every generation or so.

I can seriously see myself scratching around the web to source some of 4 Betjeman albums mentioned or even one or two from the list at the bottom of the Gaurdian article.


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