Friday, May 26, 2006

Some unrelated items

Call For Rugby Scrums To Be Banned

Yes, and let us play the game with a round ball as well so that players don't get caught wrong-footed and twist their ankles. Look, I know that there are serious injuries in the game and that I shouldn't be flippant about it, particulalry where someone has been personally afflicted by such injuries, but just how far do we go in reducing risk in our society. Maybe a 120km/h speed limit at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. Sorry, but I'm just not in an agreeable frame of mind today.

I always enjoy the debate in Spiked articles on our obsession with risk.

I also enjoyed this article.
"MEN who drink every day are much less likely to develop heart disease later in life, according to new research.
A study of more than 50,000 people found daily alcohol consumption reduced the male risk by a remarkable 41%. But interestingly, the same was not true for women."

As if I needed further justification..

And a great, rather balanced, article on one of the worst aspects of football.
"It’s not that I support diving - it’s just that there are far more important things in life to get worked up about than a few footballers rolling around in mock agony."

Not sure that I even have enough interest in the all-Kiwi Super14 final tomorrow, other than a macabre and nasty hope that there a few injuries which will offset the number of Bok injuries, which is a pity indeed.

Have a great weekend all.


Third World Ant said...

What's wrong today? Will the weekend cure all ills, or are there more lasting issues causing your disagreeable frame of mind?

ATW said...

Can't be chirpy every day can I? Nothing too lasting, beyond the usual existential crises..I trust that the the weekend will sweep things clean.

VallyP said...

You may have been feeling grumpy Guy, but you made me laugh so it served a purpose! I can echo your feelings about this 'nanny' style society we seem to be developing.

Have taken fond note of all your updates, and yes, I'll continue to write my story as it remains in my memory - with deep affection for everyone, but especially the Kheswas and Bongiles of that world. More published and more to come.

In fact, I saw Gwen/Gork the last time in about 1995, I think, when I last went to see Mrs Ellens who was also in Howick for many years. She was still wonderful then, and bearing up well under the strain of some problems she was going through then.

Please, if you talk to her, give her my fondest love, and tell her she was the best neighbour cum surrogate auntie I've ever had.

Take care and have a good weekend.
PS I also love Joeys and still think of it as 'my town'! I'm pretty fond of Rotterdam too these days.

VallyP said...

PPS Gwen knew me as Val Mann and my ex was Rod. In the story he is Bill, but because he is now an ex, I found it easier to write about him 'fondly' by changing his name

ATW said...

Hi Val, Will see the old girls in 2 weeks & will prick their memories about you. Cheers

Peas on Toast said...

Who is Mrs Ellens?

What's her first name, and does she have two daughters?

ATW said...

Hi Peas, Despite our KZN origins I am confident that we are not on about the same Mrs Ellens.

Peas on Toast said...

Try me?

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