Monday, May 15, 2006

Miracles with a sting

I'm still in some sort of shock. The miracle that I alluded to last week actually took place. However, there was a sting in this one's tail. Not only did the miracle that I wished for occur (i.e the Sharks getting sufficient points to make the Super14 semis), but the even further outside chance scenario of the Bulls getting a spot actually occurred. Sadly this entirely negated the Sharks good work.

Would it be too outlandish to suggest some sort of conspiracy here? Two top South African sides (the Bulls & Stormers) play a match where the Bulls require a margin of 32 points to proceed further in the competion, the Stormers have nothing to lose but pride, and the Bulls win by 33 points! . Maybe it's just sour grapes talking but I can't but wonder.

To top it all. In this weekend of entirely upset odds, which I had suggested were as likely to occur as me winning the lotto, I did enter the lotto and was not even close to winning it!

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