Monday, August 28, 2006

The Ode Less Travelled

"By the time you have read this book you will be able to write a Pertrarchan sonnet, a Sapphic ode, a ballade, a villanelle, and a Spenserian stanza, among many other weird and delightful forms; you will be confident with metre, rhyme and much else besides. Whether you choose to write on the stupidity of advertsing, the curve of your true love's buttocks, the folly of war or the irritation of not being able to open a pickle jar is unimportant. I will give you the tools, you can finish the job." - Stephen Fry (The Ode Less Travelled - Unlocking the Poet Within)

Well good luck with me finishing the job, Mr Fry. Seriously though, I am going to give it a good try, and while only into the first chapter I am sure to enjoy the romp. Fry writes beautifully, with much wit, and a clear affection for the language and his topic. I'd well encourage anyone interested in English and who likes using words to get hold of this book.

The great thing about Mumbai is that books are priced so well - this one at 80% of the already discounted Amazon price and at 60% of the price I'd get hold of it South Africa.


Third World Ant said...

Great! So I can give you a list of books to get for me while you're there, then ;)

Have you heard the Saturday Night Fry radio shows? Pure witty genius - British humour doesn't get any better than that.

ATW said...

Luggage getting full sadly.
Already have to find space for these.

Must say never heard the Fry shows. Must see if they're downloadable. Off to Seoul tonight..

I have stuff to write about. Just need the time to digest things. It's big festival time here. Much fireworks & people dancing covered in orange paint & taking elephant (Ganesh) idols for a swim.

Third World Ant said...

Hope there'll be a couple of photo's up of the festival (what are the celebrations in aid of?)

Safe flight, is Seoul the last stop on your journey?

ATW said...

Thanks Ant. Seoul then back in Mumbai for 2 days on the way home.

Search "Ganesh Chaturthi" on the web. Wiki's not too bad an explanation.

Third World Ant said...

Enjoy the modak and karanjis, then.

If you can't get them off the internet, my best friend's coming to visit in October (I've waited a very long time to get him to bring them for me), and somehow I'll get them to you - it's only 6 episodes, featuring other great Brits (eg Emma Thompson), the best thing I've every heard on radio.

ATW said...

No modaks & karanjis. I just have the monstrous urge for one huge, slightly rare rump steak oor die kole.

Will track you down for copies of Fry to take up the generous offer.

ATW said...

Found Fry & more here:

Third World Ant said...

:)) (that's not a double chin, just a very big smile.) As if you don't have me tracked down already! (still bewildered at your last revelation re: bulls & logos - dying for some clues as to how the hell you know that)

If you don't succeed in downloading the files, you know exactly where to find me!

Third World Ant said...

ps: when you're done with it, please write a post about Freakonomics - catchy title. Ta.

VallyP said...

Thanks sooooo much to you two for these Stephen Fry links. He is one of my all admit it..heroes? He and Hugh Laurie are also a brilliant duo and you can find a lot of video material of their shows on You Tube. If you just want a quick preview too, one of my blogging buddies, Maria in Finland has some gems of Fry and Laurie at:

I shall listen to the radio shows avidly though - as always, my favoured medium..

ATW said...

Some very rudimentary sleuthing my dear Ant. And you blogged about the logo...

Thanks Val - will take a look.

Seoul is great , a very pleasant culture shift after Mumbai.