Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Mystery

Please pardon the soul mining and introspection that follows. I have a big decision to make in the few days, one that I've been anticipating for a long time. And even one that deterministically was predicted in an astrological forecast that I read in January this year. Strangely, there is much concurrence on this time of year and its meaning for me across the board of the astronet at present.  I quote:
1. August 28-29, 2006: Moon in Scorpio sextile Mercury in Virgo; Jupiter in Scorpio trine Uranus in Pisces.
 "Revelation" is the keyword for today. If you've been trying to come to a decision about your career future, it will come to you today - perhaps in the proverbial flash of light. Something you see, something someone says to you, or even a headline in a newspaper suddenly triggers a burst of light in your brain, and suddenly everything you need to know about your career future is totally clear to you in your mind. Needless to say, this is going to brighten your day quite a bit.

2. You seem to be discussing a very high level job, one that will require quite a bit of apprenticeship before you will feel that you have fully mastered it. It could easily be the job of a lifetime, for it will come with considerable power and responsibility. You realize that it will force you to neglect one or more family members who depend on you, and that reality may weigh on your mind now. You will have to decide whether to take it this month - hopefully, it will be so enticing that you'll easily find the answer.

3. You could take advantage of today to do some serious thinking, atw. Some decisions that concern you directly or indirectly are perhaps being made by others. It's time to get ready for the outcome of these decisions. Whether you would like to take some risks or just 'be safe' in response to these decisions, you will need the help of your strength over the next few days.

Etc, etc. I have posted previously about this oddity and scepticism of mine in reading astro forecasts but there does seem to be mass convergence of thought, stars & moons at the moment.

I have few days to make this decision and I don't believe it is entirely in my hands. But while most might turn to faith or some either ethereal source for sage advice I have found myself drawn to Tom Robbins. I stumbled accross this essay of his of which I quote a portion.

Soul is not even that Cracker Jack prize that God and Satan scuffle over after the worms have all licked our bones. That's why, when we ponder - as, sooner or later, each of us must - what exactly we ought to be doing about our souls, religion is the wrong, if conventional place to turn.

Religion is little more than a transaction in which troubled people trade their souls for temporary and wholly illusionary psychological comfort (the old "give it up in order to save it" routine). Religions lead us to believe the soul is the ultimate family jewel, and, in return for our mindless obedience, they can secure it for us in their vaults, or at least insure it against fire and theft. They are mistaken.

If you need to visualize the soul, think of it as a cross between a wolf howl, a photon, and a dribble of dark molasses. But what it really is, as near as I can tell, is a packet of information. It's a program, a piece of hyperspatial software designed explicitly to interface with the Mystery. Not a mystery, mind you, the Mystery. The one that can never be solved.

So where does that leave one? Stuck with the unsolvable Mystery? I don't know, but I have the optimism of an always-half-full beer glass to pull me through.


Third World Ant said...

Strange that you have to be in India to make this decision (I'm assuming it's the one about giving up Jozi for a life at the coast... in SA) - I think it's good to be away from all the familiar attachments here in order to get clearer perspective on the situation (maybe India's a 'spiritual' place after all. Never been, know you disagree, but I refuse to change my stance). Good luck with the decision, I face a very similar one in my near future and can empathise with the angst.

I do believe that capable, dedicated and positive people will make a success of themselves whatever they do. xXx

ATW said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes. Actually no smell of the sea in the decision as that road has been travelled to its deadend (for now at least). Jozi it remains - it's just where in Jozi that's keeping me up.

I'll take it that there was no sarcasm intended in the final paragraph & return the compliment to you. And you designed such a cool logo too, what a legacy,no bull..

Third World Ant said...

Clearly sarcasm there, though...

mike said...

Ooh. I like that quote about the soul. Mystery, for sure.

VallyP said...
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VallyP said...

I agree with Ant, as in the capable, dedicated people bit. However, the trick is being content with whatever decision you make when you've made it. Your 'half full glass of beer' should help with that. All the very best, though. I hope it all works out, and in the words of the great Iris Dement "Let the Mystery be"!