Friday, August 18, 2006

Clint Eastwood ?s Ten Rules a Man Should Live By

1. Call your own shots.  
2. Be fearless.  
3. Keep moving.  
4. Love your job.  
5. Speak softly.  
6. Don’t be predictable. 
7. Find a good woman.
8. Learn to play the piano. 
9. You are what you drive.
10.Avoid extreme make-overs.


Third World Ant said...

Third World Ant's 10 Rules a Lady Should Live By:

1. Shoot anyone that tries to call your shots for you
2. Fear the bad results of mixing pink polka dots with green and black stripes
3. Keep moving until you've found somewhere you can't imagine not being
4. Buy a winefarm
5. Speak to be heard! If it's not worth saying, then shut the hell up.
6. Don’t be so unpredictable as to always do the unpredictable thing ('cos that's just predictable then, isn't it?)
7. You're a good woman, you deserve more than him! (Ok, just kidding... how about: you would look fabulous with Joaquim Phoenix on your arm)
8. Learn to play poker, and a foreign language
9. You can never transcend car stereotypes, so learn which ones to stay the hell away from. Also, being female means you can't avoid being stereotyped anyway. So surprise men by learning what a chassis, drive shaft, carburettor etc etc is)
10. Avoid trying to mould yourself on Britney Spears - look what happened to her, it could've been you!

VallyP said...

Number 10 might be difficult to avoid for you, judgine by what I've jsut read on your last post!

ATW said...

For (and in response to) the Ant:

1. Unless someone is calling for (and paying for) a double suitcase for you at the 'Roger.
2. I've never tried one of those mixed polka dot drinks. What sort of bad results does it cause?
3. And then you'll wake up and smell the coffee.
4. With what?
5. Bravo. Although you don't strike me as someone who would shut the hell up for much.
6. Agreed. How about."Don't allow yourself to be pigeonholed"?
7. Find a good woman. (I just can't top that)
8. It's good to play the fool t0o.
9. If it has 4 doors, stick to Europe is my advice. 2 doors & a loadbed then Japan is OK.
10. But what about modelling oneself on Scarlett J?

Third World Ant said...

Ah, seems on some points I may have been outwitted... living up to your name, I see.

Briefly, then:

1 - fair enough.
2 - fashion crisis of unknown proportions
3 - no comment (a case of shutting the hell up when nothing good can be said - something I am indeed capable of!)
4 - do whatever it takes. I'm still trying to work out exactly what that might entail in my case...
5 -
6 - exactly
7 - love your good man (and I do)
8 - :)
9 - good advice
10 - very good point. But can the world handle 2 Scarletts, I ask?

ATW said...

2 Scarletts? Woohoo. Please send recent photo.

Third World Ant said...