Friday, August 04, 2006

I posted this pic of me idling my way home in the Friday pm traffic previously , but deleted it because it ruined my blog formatting. Given the seriousness of my last few posts I think it deserves to return.

I do have a serious question though. Is this behaviour illegal, and if so under what section of the law? It is one beer and there is no way that I am exceeding the blood alcohol limit at all. It is to me, legally no different from drinking a can of coke on the way home, only more refreshing.


ATW said...

This is what the National Road Traffic Act, 1996 par 65 says..
"No person shall on a public road –
a)drive a vehicle; or
b)occupy the driver's seat of a motor vehicle the engine of which is running, while the concentration of alcohol in any specimen of blood taken from any part of his or her body is not less than 0,05 gram per 100 millilitres.."

Nothing about having a cold beer on your lap?

Colin said...

I don't see any problems with that :-)... unless you lived in the States that is.

Didn't Mel G get charged for having an open bottle in the string of other charges?

How rediculous... Imagine getting stopped on the way home from your mom's on boxing day (just after you've sobered up, but before the cricket starts)...

"Sir, you are under arrest for having an open bottle of brandy (Klippies?) in your car."

"But officer, I'm a tight arse and there is no way I was going to leave it at my mom's house after last night's Christmas pudding."

Viva SA!!

jodie said...

Tell Gork happy birthday from that scruffy young brat Jodie :)

ATW said...

Colin, the ridiculous aside I still harbour a suspicion that someone would try and charge me for something if seen.

Hi Jodie, will do.


Third World Ant said...

Yes, that behaviour's illegal - should've been Windhoek Lager or Stella to be overlooked by the tastebud police!

ATW said...

Ant - fair enough Miss grogsnob..& and in a can nogal! Must admit that with the chill in the air I've waded into my stash of Urbock.

VallyP said...

As long as it's just in your lap, hey? ;-)

Mo and Cas said...

This is Maryssa, another of your old cottingham neighbours. There are a gazillion of these rules that "they" say but never seem to be in print, like no driving with slops on. I don't think the driver of a vehicle is supposed to be eating or drinking any beverage as the K53 states you should have both hands on the steering wheel at all times other than to change gear. Maybe it is implied.
That's my 2 cents worth
Cheerio Mo

Mo and Cas said...

As you posed a serious question, and I enjoy fact, I had a quick google session and came upon this website

Use it...don't use it

Third World Ant said...

Wit - I was skirting the can issue, glad to see it didn't have to be said out loud! As for Urbock's worthiness as driving refreshment, I can't comment - haven't shlurped on one before...

Mo & Cas - you're kidding me! Next thing they're going to do is ban us from talking on our cellphones while driving! (Or if you're Italian like me, and use your hands to speak along with your siezeable mouth, you've got no hands on the wheel) :)

ATW said...

I've a better idea. I'll just pull over at the Rivonia off ramp on my way home to make my calls & enjoy my beverage. Far safer isn't it?

ATW said...

Hi Mo. Yes - the driving with slops "rule" also bugs me. (Let alone barefoot!) If I were ever charged with that I'd certainly let the case be heard in court. I understand that not all laws are written rules (there is no written law against murder for instance) and that this unwritten law is called the common law.

Surely a rule against driving barefoot (or like an Italian) can hardly be part of the common law?

Ant, haven't used Urbock as driving refreshment - it being more of a fireside companion & at 7% alc. vol it may bump up my blood count or testosterone over the limit.