Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kafka-esque Chemical McCarthyism

Floyd Landis's defence against his doping charge in the Tour de France is rather interesting.  He'd had a bit to drink ("2 beers & at least 4 shots of whisky") and this accordingly pumped up his testoterone levels beyond acceptable levels. And there are studies that prove this could be possible. ...Imagine the pleasure of the study subjects having to drink in the interest of furthering science.

I loved this comment in the above article:
The apparent sensitivity of the testosterone test's numbers to alcohol consumption, and the announcement of partial test results without full disclosure by the cycling union, has created a milieu for cyclists that is "almost Kafka-esque," Dr. Davis said. "The phrase often bandied about is 'chemical McCarthyism'." It's quite true - no matter what the final outcome of this  is - Landis's reputation will forever be tainted by this accusation...(a la Cobus Visage)

But now I know why, when I've had 2 beers and at least 4 whiskies I feel so amorous and indestructible. As Wikipedia spells out: the benefits of testosterone "include enhanced libido, energy, immune function, and protection againstosteoporosis." No bones about it.

I wonder what effect it has on women?

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