Friday, March 02, 2007

4am Tea Review

I've reached the part of the day - after a 21 hour stretch of vainly attempting to vanquish losses from a budget - when it's too late to go to bed & it's time I took a break. Fortunately I had a great cup of tea, which hit the spot perfectly.

Oh, and
Radio Paradise isn't bad company.


Third World Ant said...

Drink up, boy! And hopefully some much-needed sleep is in store for you over the weekend...

Peas on Toast said...

ATW - hello you! Checking in to see how you are, and also to say: isn't my flatmate amazing? ;)

Enjoy the tea!

ATW said...

Hello Peas & Ant. Sleep what's that. 37 hours on the trot & now it's Friday night. Can hardly waste that on sleep.

& yes the Ant is wonderful, I am in awe.

VallyP said...

ATW, well so glad to see you back! It even seems I've missed a blog or two. Sounds as if your burning more than the candle at both ends, so look after yourself. I'm just very glad to know you're still kicking butt down there in PE.

Read the first of your back to blogger posts, and the last one, but I'll be back more regularly again now.