Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cricket World Cup 69ers

I think that Lance Klusener was one of first players to have the number 69 emblazoned on his back (apparently ever since several Pakistan players were reportedly spotted in a Durban strip bar of the same name on tour in 1998. . ).

I am not sure what that says about the player but it must still be better than number 71 +.

I was hoping to list the current crop of 69ers but had absolutely no luck in finding a one-stop authoritative source for these. As I said I'm not sure what it says about this bunch, whoever they are, but it must mean something, mustn't it?

Besides the very good Cricket World Cup website I can advise visiting these cricketing blogs.

Patrick Kidd's Line & Length, King Cricket, an Aussie perspective at the Cricket-Blog (he has the YouTube clip of Herschelle's 6 sixes), the corridor of uncertainty, and for good measure cricket 24-7.

Local uber-blogger Keo has a cricket section. (Read Mike Stopforth's post on the Keo phenomenon here). And sports journalist Dan Nicholl tries a bit too hard with his Feverpitcher.

All in all - plenty to read & even more to watch.

+ who adopts the same position - but has 2 fingers up her bum!


Dave said...

Never heard about a 71 before :)

The article is incorrect, my recollection is that the club in Durban was called "Club 68", not 69.

Interesting story about Gibbs' 28 number as a nod to the prison gangs. I'm not really comfortable about that!

ATW said...

Hey Dave, glad you can recollect the best haunts of Durban. Things have changed there now - even Point Road is half decent and full of industro-tech apartments.