Friday, March 30, 2007

Andy Warhol - super scream

"Andy, where's my 15 minutes?" -
David Bowie
Found this great online radio station, Pandora, that creates playlists based on your own taste. Fantastic. For instance - if I create "David Bowie Radio Station" it will assume that I probably also like Pearl Jam.

Amazing what one finds to entertain one at 4am in the morning after a long night of midnight oil burning.


Suzanne said...

It's really amazing David how we can get everything nowadays to our liking. Internet radio has been a great blessing to people who are in need of entertainment any time of the day.

Delon said...

Have you ever tried stumbleupon? If not, pop in into google and see where the rabbit hole ends up. I 'stumbled' upon Pandora a while back and really enjoyed it.

ATW said...

Thanks Delon, Haven't yet - will do.

Wish we really had the bandwidth to really use the web properly here.

VallyP said...

Hi Wit, it's been a while again, but like the proverbial bad penny, I always turn up again ;-)

Good to see your still seeking and searching into new piques of interest! For myself, Internet radio is a blessing on a barge where normal radio reception is appalling, but even better, we can find stations all over the world - indeed, it's great to be able to tune in to SA stations and listen to silly nostalgia like the traffic news in Joeys!

ATW said...

Hi Val, Thanks for popping by, bad penny or not...

Been a bit scarce myself lately.