Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fly by night

Mate K (phonecall 5.15 pm): “Hey Wit, I’ve been in your town for the last day or so, had hoped to see you but the bloody meeting went on a bit. Must dash and catch the 6 o’clock back to Durbs.”

Mate K (phonecall 5.45 pm) : “Hey, bloody airlines! Flight is seriously delayed – something about a delay this morning turning round. My boarding pass now says feckin’ 8.20pm!! We’re going to beg the car hire guys to give us the car back for a while - How do I get to your place?”

Wit: “Left out of the airport, left again, right into 6th, duck the camera on Target Kloof. When you see the Solly Kramers, left again. Stop – 1 x 6 pack please. My house is about a km from there. See you now.”

6pm (my place). Everywhere in PE takes 15 minutes to get to. The old folks still talk of the good old days when it used to be a “10 minute” town – but how things have changed.

Wit: “Howzit Mate K & Mate D – want a cup of tea or two?”.

Watch some cricket on the box – minnow 1 vs minnow 2. 50 overs of mediocrity coming to a conclusion.

7pm: Mate D’s phone rings: (He is polite and stands up to take the call in the hallway).

Mate D: “Hello …………Yes this Mr Mate D?”

Mate D: “No I don’t need a new credit card – I’m up to my eyeballs in debt as it is. Bye now. ….OK I won’t hang up. SAA you say? My flight has boarded already!!! …….But the boarding pass in my hand says I board at gate 3 at 8.20 – in about 80 minutes! …Where am I? ……….At a mates place having a cup of tea……..Oh, you’re sorry but has there has been a stuff up! …Damn right….and now?….You’ll hold the flight for us. …OK. See you shortly.”

Wit: “Cheers folks. Just watch for that bloody camera on Target Kloof!”

9.20 pm (Phone call –it’s Mate K.) “Hey, we’re back in Sharks territory. That was fun. Must do that again. Never had an entire plane stand up and give me such rapturous applause when I boarded a plane before.”

Got to love our national airline.


Champagne Heathen said...

HA HA HA! Sounds like the PE I know & love so much. One friend can hear when the plane has arrived & about to land, and only then does she leave to fetch her arriving guests from the airport.

ATW said...

The major bonus is my fuel bill - I've filled up once since arriving in November!

VallyP said...

Lovely stuff wit. Sounds like PE is still the friendly city!