Monday, March 05, 2007

Go Sharks

John Bishop reports in the Witness.

RUAN Pienaar, who launched a thousand hangovers
with his intimidating touchline
conversion to win Saturday night’s Super 14
clash against the champion Crusaders
at King’s Park, volunteered to take the
last kick of the match.

The Sharks are unbeaten after 5 weeks of the competition. Hell, I've been let down before after a good start to the Super 14 but I'm willing to put some faith into winning a couple of games on the road down south.

Not one SA side lost this weekend. I'm not sure what that means for our World Cup chances but I don't hear many complaints.


Dave said...

What a game, the best finish I have ever witnessed! Its still a long way to go BUT this could just be the Sharks season!

ATW said...

I'm with you on that - great to have a nailbiter like that again. Renews my passion for the game.

Keo has some great things to say about the state of the game. Finally, (most of)our players are playing a thinking man's game. I have to say "most of" because Victor Matfield makes the most shocking on field decisions.

Phiala said...

Well said.