Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Too much chucking foice

In his inimitable Irish way Twenty says something I strongly agree with here.

Stopped into a cafe on my travels yesterday in a particularly trendy part
of town.
“I’ll have a cup of tea, please”, I said to the waitron.
kind of tea would you like?”
“Erm, tea tea.”
“Ok, well we have green tea,
white tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, mint tea, camomile tea, strawberry and
raspberry tea, chai, bla-”
“Stop. Just put a normal teabag in a cup and pour
some boiling water over it.”
“What kind of teabag? Green tea? White tea?
Oolong tea?”
“Fuck off.”
I went for a pint instead. It’s the same with
coffee now. People are so into these mocha-choca-halfcaff-lattes that when you
ask for a cup of black coffee they stare at you like you’ve just raped them with
a whale’s cock.
How long before it starts on Guinness?


Champagne Heathen said...

Ha Ha! I am just loving his entire blog! Bluddy irish.

And yes, I still ask "Do you want rooibos or normal". Only if there is not rooibos, like in France, are you allowed to extend the options.

Which is a good point...is Amstel going to also still taste the same!?!?

Name: Lopz said...
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Lopz said...

Ha ha, my dad likes to reminisce about the days when coffee was just coffee, and not a "tall skinny, vanilla-flavoured frappucino with a dash of espresso and whipped cream on the side." They should invent another name for it - it's not coffee if it's got anything other than ground coffee beans and regular milk!

ATW said...

As you say - Champs , Bluddy Oirish. Twenty is a serious hoot.

lopz, I agree with your old man. Coffee is still coffee, it's the rest of the stuff that that they should rename.

Third World Ant said...

Whoah, wit! Making up for lost time, I see :)

Well, of course I'm scandalised and I can't agree. Without choice of tea, we're back in the 11th century or something. But I get the sentiment: I laugh when I go to a restaurant for a burger and they ask whether I want the pattie (sp?) well-done, medium or rare. Eh?

ATW said...

I am not saying that having a choice is a bad thing, it's just the assumption that being offered a choice is always better that I have a problem with. Sometimes just plain & uncomplicated is what I want.

Yes, making up for lost time - but workload hasn't really reduced - just being ignored a bit.