Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A brief history of Peas

Peas broke up with her beau today.

March 2007

the end

We broke up.

It was mutual.

And amicable.

I feel like Captain Shiteski right now.

This breakup has, like the preceding ones been reasonably public (and on this one, one can even read the other side of the story.)

There was even a bit of warning last month.

February 2007

We had a relationship review at the beginning of this year and it made me realise that if we don’t work, I’ll be okay, I’ll get over him

Things have changed a bit though.

Peas has been blogging for some time now and I have been a regular visitor. A vicarious way of living I guess. I really do dearly love this amazing person. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has a unique style. Full of halarious misspellings but behind it all immensely sharp and very funny. The classic say as you think it sort of girl. And no less than 4 SA Blog Awardes nominations this year to boot.

Anyway …..Peas used to blog on a site simply called Peas on Toast.
(although if you visit that site now – its been hijacked by some online dating website!)

She moved to the Mushy site in March 2006 when things went seriously mushy. It took a few days to track her down.

March 06

the worst day of my life

That's today.If there are three people that should never ever come across my blog, they are in order of importance:

My ex S

My ex R

Small Bum

But ESPECIALLY not my ex S.

This has got to be the biggest fuck up ever. He found it without me
even having saying anything. I went out with him for 6 years. This blog would've hurt him like nothing on Earth.I'm actually sort of floating on this dark cloud of Hell, not sure whether to throw myself in front of a bus, or just drink myself to death on the bottle of whiskey I have sitting at home.

Henceforth, please spread the word. My new address is:

Too little too late.

From then on Peas was a bit wary and stopped linking to her Archives on her site. But google rarely forgets. So one can still get there with a bit of sleuthing.

(Try substituting other single syllable words to access the rest : “I”, “the”, “it”, “she” etc.).

It does seem that the bits that would have/did hurt ExS have gone though. So the details of those departures (S & R) have been erased.

But the end of Small Bum is still around…

May 2006

tears in the traffic

"50% of me wants to stay with you, the other 50% thinks its better I leave now."

He left.

Small Bum broke up with me.

I am devastated.

Anyway – why do I go to this effort to haul out the history? Is it some vindictive reminder to Peas of all the crap times she has had to deal with over the last year?

On the contrary.

With the passage of each of these men in her life, we have, through Peas writing, been witness to a life (that between breakups) she has seriously enjoyed and lived fully. Each of these men have been special to her and have been a large part of her being able to enjoy and live her life fully. Each time she has bounced back, stronger, more mature and happier. I want to remind Peas of that.

Before you can say cotton doondies - she will do so again.+


Third World Ant said...

what a sweet tribute, wit. and what a formidable memory!

Peas on Toast said...

Ah Wit!

The Ant showed me this post last night, and I was so touched. It's amazing to see my unbelievable relationships through another person's eyes. It's been a bumpy ride.
Your post was amazing though and I hope you don't mind if I link it/paste it and attribute it to you on my site?

ATW said...

Wasn't sure that the msg that I was trying to convey would come through properly & almost didn't publish this post. Judging by the responses so far it seems that, gladly, it was taken in the right context.

Peas - hell it is all about you - you are most welcome to link as you please.

Champagne Heathen said...

So gorgeous!

VallyP said...

I don't have any connection to any of you really, but was quite deeply touched by this tribute..a great friend to a great friend!