Monday, March 12, 2007

And the Sharks do it yet again+

Two tries off set-phase ball and 30 points to 14 in an away game. I like it. The Sharks are playing some serious, thinking man's rugby at the moment. It was a relentless, pacy match and again I find myself really loving the brand of game that the guys are playing at the moment. And unbeaten so far in Super14!

What is interesting is that while the team is playing particularly well it has been difficult to single out individual man-of-the-match performances (last week's going to an opposition team member & this week to BJ Botha in the heart of the scrum). The only negative is the way that Pietersen, who when he has a bit of space is nimble and dynamic, is just too predictable under pressure - it is so obvious that he is going to avoid the tackle through a misdirected grubber or flung away pass.

+ Hope I can use this title a few more times this season.

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